rosaceaclosupjpg rosacea on nose

A customer told us that our Scrubz+ was the first product to have worked wonders on her rosacea afflicted skin, so we have been doing lots of research on the subject. What we are finding is very interesting, so if you know anyone who has rosacea please share this information.

New studies are pointing toward Demodex (follicle mites) as a cause of or something that will exacerbate rosacea, These microscopic little guys live on everyone’s skin. The normal amount is about 3-4 per sq inch. People who are prone to rosacea have been found to have more like 10-12. The bacteria associated with the mites causes an inflammation which sets off the skin irritations. These follicle mites feed on dead skin and sebum oil deposits.

While we can’t claim any cure, humor us for a minute and follow the logic: Scrubz+ is whipped with pure refined Shea Butter and pure refined Emu oil. It is unscented and 100% free of any artificial ingredients. It is a creamier version of our Scrubz™. By gently polishing the dirt, dead skin, and clogged sebum oil off, being really careful on any area that might be raw, then massaging in the moisturizing oils and butters that stay on skin after rinsing away the sugar, you are creating an environment on which the Demodex (follicle mites) cannot thrive nearly as well as they had before.

See, aren’t  you glad you humored me? It is just a thought, but it just might help!

Other things which help with flare-ups include relaxation therapy. Emotional stress is one of the primary causes of flushing, which can worsen the condition. It important that you take some time just to relax and also get proper rest.

Rosacea is not a harmful condition. But, like acne, it can really affect how someone looks and therefore lower one’s self-esteem. We suggest you talk to your Dr. as well as get more information. If you can’t cure it, you can certainly calm it down.