Every woman knows she should remove her makeup and use moisturizer before bed, but sometimes it’s easy to forget.

It’s completely understandable since you’re so tired after a full day. Unfortunately, every time you fall asleep with your makeup on, you’re damaging your skin. Our easy to use and oh so great for your skin, Face Oilz will make it too easy to forget.

Here are 6 great reasons why you should always go to bed with a clean face:

DIRT AND POLLUTANTS ON YOUR SKIN Smog, dirt and pollutants are in the very air around us at all times. They sit on your skin and make you feel grimy. When you wear foundation, it’s an added layer that doesn’t allow your skin to breath. Your skin can’t breath, but it also has a layer of dirt that will cause terrible effects to your pores and the health of your skin.

EYE MAKEUP CAN CAUSE INFECTIONS Whether you wear eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow or a combination of all three, you are risking an eye infection by leaving your eye makeup on through the night. The eyeliner will clump and pull out eyelashes during the night too. The oil glands and hair follicles around the eyes can clog, which will create infections and styes. It’ll leave you with eyeliner and mascara embedded in the skin around the eyes, which makes it harder to remove. You’ll battle dark circles even when you’ve had a great night’s sleep.

MAKEUP CAN ENLARGE PORES The layer of foundation will hold dirt and oil close to the skin. This means that your pores will become clogged with dirt and oil. It can cause breakouts of acne as well as blackheads. Dirt and oil in the pores over time can make them enlarged. Enlarged pores can become stretched over time. As a person ages, they lose collagen that keeps the skin taut. That includes the pores too.

LIPSTICK CAN DRY LIPS Lipstick that isn’t removed before bed can cause dry, chapped lips. The skin on your lips is renewed through the removal of old skin cells too. If the skin isn’t allowed to breath, there’s no way for it to be renewed. The chemicals and waxes in many lipsticks can smear to the skin around the lips. That skin can become clogged and cause blackheads and breakouts. The corners of the mouth can trap dirt and chemicals that might result in infections and cysts too.

PILLOWCASES TRAP DIRT AND OIL Even if you only slept in your makeup once or twice this week, the dirt and oil is trapped on your pillowcase. Every time you lay your clean face onto the pillow, you’re picking up dirt and bacteria from that one night of laziness. It still has the potential to clog pores, lead to infections and cause blackheads. It’s important to wash your face every single night. It doesn’t matter how tired you are. Even one night of forgetfulness or tiredness can cause serious issues that will impact the overnight renewal process of your skin. It can age you prematurely by causing wrinkles, dry skin and enlarged pores. Leaving makeup on overnight can trap the dirt on your skin that you’ve accumulated during the day. That dirt can harbor bacteria and lead to infections.

And here is the best reason of all:

IT CAN CAUSE WRINKLES AND BLOTCHES When you don’t remove your makeup, you’re keeping your skin from breathing. You’re also stopping old, dead cells from falling off the face. Sloughing dead skin cells helps your face become renewed. If you’re not removing makeup, you’re also not moisturizing your face. This can cause uneven, dry skin with blotches. Dry skin on your face creates wrinkles that can age you prematurely.

So, while it might seem to be okay to sleep with your makeup on occasionally, it’s can be damaging each time it happens, so do your best to avoid it.

Lucky for you, our Face Oilz is incredible at removing all makeup in mere seconds! Even waterproof!