private label skincare

Private Label Skincare?

Private Label skincare was something I had never considered when I started in 2006. Wholesale and online retail was going to be my business model and I never imagined how that would shift gears as we grew.

When my late sister, Michelle, and I opened our first store, it was supposed to be more of a product and shipping place, not really a shop. We cleaned it up but didn’t really decorate it. That was until our local customers wanted to pick up their orders and not pay to ship. Then we had some fun designing it to look more like a store and less like a production place and realized that we were enjoying retail more than wholesale. So we moved to a bigger store and shifted to a retail-only model.

We stayed in that location for 3.5 years. We added Make Your Own Scrubz” Parties to that store and really dug into the one-on-one joys of retail. After losing Michelle, I decided to move the store once again (A few landlord issues, plus, I think I needed out of the place with all those memories), still maintaining only the retail and the party part of our business. It was the right move and the business continued to expand in retail, party, and online business. Thank you to all who helped us grow!

I was being a little too vain

I had been asked for years if my company did private label, but I was so busy building my own brand that I never actually considered it and said no. I think I was a little too business vain and only wanted my brand name on the jar when someone was using our IMHO 🙂 amazing products.

I guess I kept thinking back to when I first started ScrubzBody and how hard I worked to get people to consider our brand over others. Back in the day when we were expanding it was all about getting our product onto the skin of everyone we could. I was hawking our wares at holiday boutiques, craft fairs, street fairs, and home parties. Everything I put out had our name on it so that we could build a reputation as a high-quality, low-fuss solution to dry, irritated, and/or sensitive skin.

And then a long-time customer (who soon became a private label client) walked into my shop and made me change my mind.

She was in the middle of branding her own yoga studio and it had a retail space. She really wanted products to sell that she could call her own with a feeling that matched her young, colorful vibe. So instead of saying no, I said yes.

She chose to jar it up herself and do all the labeling, so all we had to do was whip it up by the gallon. When she called 2 weeks later and had sold out of her jars and she needed another gallon in that scent and added a second, I realized that maybe private label was something great.

3 weeks later Covid-19 Lockdowns Hit

We shut the shop and started with online sales only. People canceled their parties and asked for deposits back. We were not allowed to be open and so we had to think of another way to do business. I remembered how great the private label experience was, so I created a full-on program and began to put the information out in different business channels I had. We slowly built up a client base and have never looked back.

Helping others start or enhance their own business has become my joy

In the process of creating products for my clients, I realized they had questions that needed answers. I was more than happy to help guide them. I created skincare tips and business information files that I send to clients so they are able to sell with more knowledge and fewer mistakes.

I adore being a mentor to up-and-coming businesses and I love how excited they get as they embark on their journey.