Bye-bye to Dry!

Wouldn’t you love a sugar scrub that just worked?

A scrub that gave you all the benefits of some expensive, stiff-upper-lipped type of product with none of the fussiness.

A scrub that was easy to use and left your skin feeling umpteen times silkier and smoother than before.

One that left you with no more dry skin snowflakes falling from your pants, and no more itches and dry patchy sections that make you want to scratch on sight!

A product that makes your skin soft & moisturized, all without feeling greasy.

Our scrubs really can do all of those things and do them with distinction!

Skin-loving botanicals, whipped sugar crystals & memory-inducing fragrance!

ScrubzBody Scrub is made with finely whipped sugar and oodles of botanical oils, with each oil bringing something special to the party.

The scrubs will polish your dead skin and dirt away, and then, when you rinse all the sugar down the drain, nature’s best botanical oils leave you moisturized and oh, so smooth.

Embrace your silky skin softness!

Because you deserve all the high-brow pampering with none of the fuss!

Now your only decision is a fragrance.

So, which memory-inducing scent will it be?

Warm Vanilla like my grandma’s cookies?

Or the Cherry Almond Burst?

Remember that any scent that makes you smile is a perfect one!