Bubbleaux Fizzie Bubble Bath -a softening mix of Fizzie & Bubble Bath



I can’t say enough about these perfectly fragrant and skin-softening gems. If you are a bath taker, these are a MUST HAVE!

It feels like silk under the water surface and just enough bubbly bubbles floating on top.

And that is what bathtime is supposed to be. All about you and special.

It’s a daily reminder to stop and relax because you are worth this kind of time and pampering.


Bubbleaux Fizzie Bubble Bath, created by Sandy of The Purple Sage, is meant to soothe your soul as it softens your body. It’s about taking time for yourself. It’s about the joys of little moments. It’s about slowing down and smelling the silky bath water. 🙂 It’s about you!

It’s primarily made with powdered buttermilk, baking soda, jojoba oil, mango, and cocoa butter which will make your skin say thank you. Trust me on this!

Bubbleaux won’t leave any greasy residue in your tub, either. Just silky softness on your skin

Bubbleaux Fizzie Bubble Bath Scents:

Balance When you want your soul, your heart, your mind, and your body to feel like one, this blending of Lavender, Rosemary and Patchouli will help!

Cherry Almond Burst This lively and sweet scent matches our own. Cherry, Almond, and hints of citrus make this a heavenly, bubbly delight!

Harmony Similar to our own scent, this blend of milk and honey will soothe your mind as it softens your skin. It’s a sweet “ahhhh” as you enter the tub.

Lavender– Not only is Bubbleaux calming and joyful enough, but in Lavender, it takes on a whole new level of relaxation.

Lemon Eucalyptus Take the tangy, sweet and fresh scent of lemon and add the wow burst of eucalyptus. That is what your joyful bath experience will smell like.

Additional information

Bubbleaux Fizzy Bubble Bath

Balance Scent, Cherry Almond Burst Scent, Harmony Scent, Lavender Scent, Lemon Eucalyptus Scent


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