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Decisions, Decisions! Which scent do you absolutely love? Are you sure?  Now you can try out a few of the most popular scents we make, or try all of them! Our new 2 oz. 5 pack sampler of ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub is a fragrance delight. Want to really indulge your senses? Go for the 14 scent sampler! It includes all our signature scents and seasonal. Does not include specialty and donation scents.

Makes a great gift for yourself or someone you love! 


Natural Sucrose, Canola Oil, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Coconut Oil, Non GMO Soybean Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Essential and/or Fragrance Oil





Scent Choices:


  • Citrus Burst – A true burst of fragrance, Pink Grapefruit & Bergamont are the main notes of this fresh scent.
  • Citrus Zest – A mix of Tangerine, Grapefruit & Lemon combine in this great zesty fragrance.
  • CocoLime – Coconut is blended with Lime. Tropical heaven awaits. Need we say more? 


  • Jasmine Honeysuckle – Sweet Jasmine is mixed with fragrant Honeysuckle to create this amazing scent.
  • Lavender – Calming and delightful, Lavender is an all time favorite! Ours is made with a blend of three different essential oils.
  • Sassy Citron – Heady Ylang Ylang is blended with tangy, sweet Tangerine. Then, for fragrant fun, we added four more scents.


  • Ginger Teaze -Delicate White Tea and Spicy Ginger plus a hint of Lemon create this truly relaxing scent.


  • Beauty Bear – (with FDA approved Flavor oils) – a combination of some of Michelle’s favorite candy smells, red licorice, cotton candy, and lemon drops. 
  • Cherry Almond Burst – Cherry is blended with Almond, Grapefruit and Bergamot to create this burst of fragrant goodness!
  • Coconut Milk – The freshness of Coconut is blended with the sweetness of Milk and Honey to create this amazing and dreamy scent.
  • Sweet Milk & Honey – This warm, wonderful scent is like a soft blanket of fragrance. Smells like the best oatmeal cookie and milk you ever had.
  • Warm Vanilla – This toasty, sweet scent will remind you of cookies baking in the oven. Yum!


  • Exotic Musk – Memories of the 70’s come back with this sweet, soft scent. Ours has a hint of citrus which make this earthy, special blend.

SEASONAL SCENTS – This choice will depend on whatever season it happens to be when you order.

  • Fall Harvest – Crisp & sweet Apple is blended with pomegranate & pear for a cool Fall scent!
  • Winter Wonderland –  Milk & Honey sweetens the freshness of this great Winter fragrance
  • Spring Sensation  – Cotton Blossom, Pear and Ginger bring out the crisp clean feeling of Spring
  • Summer Daze  – Cucumber, Sweet Pear, White Tea & Ginger create this memory of Summer scent.

Suggested Use:

We recommend 1-2x a week, but ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub can be used daily, on every body part, public and private. (Yes! even there). It cleanses dirt and polishes away dry skin. Easy!

Dampen skin. Take about a quarter sized amount of ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub and gently spread out on both hands. This ensures an even application. Polish, clean and scrub all your willing body parts. Repeat for other parts. Step back under the water and rinse all the sugar off, thoroughly. If shaving, now is when you shave, using the natural oils instead of shaving cream. Pat or towel dry. Massage the natural oils into your skin. You are now fully cleansed and moisturized. Ahhhh!

Your skin deserves to feel this good!

ScrubzBody Money Back Guarantee

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Sample Sets

14 Scent Sample Set, 5 Scent Sample Set


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