ScrubzBody sugar, oil and essential oils

I’ve been in the natural skin care business since 2006 and I love that after all these years I am still learning. I love learning about different botanical oils and their incredible skin care benefits and I love learning more about working with essential oils. I love their scents and properties. But I also love knowing how to use them correctly and I always educate anyone I can on the reasons why. The truth is that if used improperly, they can be quite dangerous.

Because I have worked with and researched essential oils for so many years, putting them on my skin without a carrier oil or worse yet, ingesting them, was something I just never considered. When you use a carrier oil, not only is it safer, but the essential oil lasts longer and is just as effective. Plus, the risk of harm is greatly diminished. Often times customers come in and mention that someone they know or someone in their up-line suggested they put the oil directly on their skin. I literally cringe when I hear that so I step in and offer some education. Sometimes my comments are met with genuine appreciation. Other times, the person keeps trying to convince me that I am wrong and they don’t hear a thing.

When used improperly, essential oils can burn the skin, irritate it, cause rashes and even seizures. Does it happen immediately? Not always. Does it happen to everyone. Not always. But it happens often enough to heed the dangers and use them properly and with caution and respect. This is not a detox. I repeat, NOT a detox. It is a genuine allergic reaction and most likely a  chemical burn. Never, ever ingest essential oils! Seriously guys, this is a biggie. There are rare occurrences, under the guidance of a certified professional, when certain oils may be used in certain therapies internally, but then and only then, and under the guidance of a professional. Everyone else, and this means you and me, should NEVER ingest them. (stepping down off my soap box now).

Kayla Fioravanti recently wrote a book with Stacey Haluka about Stacey’s horrible essential oil injury. Stacey’s brave reiteration of her painful story, combined with Kayla’s and other professional expertise, will be a go-to as I am seeking to educate my customers. It’s called The Unspoken Truth about Essential Oils

Stacey’s own words: It is incomprehensible to me that a company that seems to care so much, could care so little about the severity of what could happen due to improper information. Essential oils are extremely powerful and should be treated as such. Distributing them to the public for healing without any information is like a doctor providing you with a prescription without a list of possible side effects or how to take the medication, and then refusing to help you when your body reacts to it. What if this were to happen to a child. To someones’ baby? I honestly don’t think that a baby would be able to live through this kind of pain and suffering.”

In the Foreword Dr. Robert Pappas, PhD and chemist and a long time expert in the field of essential oils, wrote: Keep an open mind and continue reading if what is shared between these pages contradicts what you have always been taught. If your upline or company that you represent frowns on your reading this book—that’s the most obvious sign that you should keep reading. People with nothing to fear will never try to censor information. One can only make informed decisions when information has been gathered from diverse sources.

Candy Sweeney noted aromatherapist: “One can have an allergic response to anything. With EOs, it is called sensitization and can happen after many uses, especially if EO is not diluted. Most times if there is an immediate reaction, it is actually a chemical burn…not detox. Sales people will say it is a detox reaction and sometimes say you need more EO… More EO = More sales. There are many documented adverse reactions from using EOs incorrectly and unsafely. You can find that info at The Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy, Sylla can give you more info. If you want more info on safety with EOs, you must consult Robert Tisserand’s site and book, Essential Oil Safety. EOs are wonderful substances, but are not a magic bullet. Don’t look to these for miracle cures. They are wonderful when used safely, correctly, and as a tool in a huge toolbox of many, including diet, exercise, emotional health, herbs, and yes even sometimes conventional medicine. There is not one substance on earth that solves all our problems, and if someone is telling you that, they are probably trying to sell you something. For more info, consult a qualified aromatherapist, not a sales rep.” 

Over and over again I want to stress how wonderful essential oils are and how I love using them to scent our products. I just want my customers and the entire public to know that proper use and dilution is key. Some people think I am just trying to disrespect the quality of the essential oils sold by the company they are representing. They will say that their oils are better than the other brand. I hear that from both sides and it is the furthest from the truth as to why I say anything at all. In fact, I’ll never downplay the quality of the oils that my customers are purchasing. They are all just fine. What I criticize is the lack of proper information that reps get. They are educated on how to sell, not on all contraindications and things that might go wrong. The reps are not properly taught how to “heal” an ailment or how to “prescribe” something for a particular person’s needs properly and yet they do.

I have nothing against any particular company and any particular oil. I just want to stress how important it is to use them the right and respectful way. Let alone the safer and less expensive way.