There is just something about Fall. As the days get shorter and the air gets cooler, we know that the Autumn season is in the air. I used to be all about Spring and Summer, but there is something about the feeling and the coziness of Fall. Going from humidity to crispness. Baseball to Football. Fire pits to fire places. It’s the time to start wrapping our thoughts around wrap-around sweaters and steamy hot mugs of cocoa. It’s the season of apple and pumpkin picking. It’s the time to wrap your head into a good book and not feel bad that you are inside on such a nice day. It’s the time to cozy up your home, nesting and primping and making it just right for the cooler weather. Fall is the time for family.

I kind of like it!

Autumn is also the time that you should take extra special care of your skin as it starts to encounter heat inside and crisp air outside. Keep polishing the dead flakes off on a regular basis. Stay hydrated from the inside out with lots of fresh water and stay moisturized, preferably with lots of Oilz+.

Along with the coziness are the scents that take you from Summer to Fall. From fruity and coconutty, to crisp and sweet. We love the cornucopia of Apple, pomegranate and pear fragrance that is our Fall Harvest and boy can you almost take a bite out of that fragrance. In October comes Pumpkin Pie with just enough sweetness and spice. Your skin will be so soft and nose will be so happy!

So what are your favorite things about Fall?

MMmmm Pumpkin Pie!