Shipping for ScrubzBody

How I wish I could strap every box and gift onto my back and deliver them personally. But then again, what would Santa and Hanukkah Harry do on the eve of the holidays?

We wish it weren’t true, but we wanted to warn you. Shipments on ScrubzBody Products and pretty much just about everything else you order for the holidays will most likely have delays.

Things that took 2-3 days are now taking 4-5 days or even 1-2 weeks. Crazy, but a fact. USPS has an FAQ that has phone numbers and lots of info. UPS has been ok so far and hopes to add drivers and handlers. FedEx is down on drivers and has been reported to be leaving packages at ports for other delivery services to handle. Yes, this really happened.

Life in delivery land has gotten even more head-scratching, arms being thrown in the air frustrating.

Sooooooooo…..We have been doing our part!

Our team has been producing extra skin-softening products for months in anticipation of the holidays (Yay, big shoutout to Wendy, Diana, and now Catherine, too!). We have stocked up on extra jars and bottles and packaging items. So much so that we gave up our treatment room to house it all (see linked Newsday article), which was so difficult for me to do because I loved having treatments here!

Remember, we have amazing matching scent gift sets, and multiple products sets already gift-ready, and we will wrap anything for free and put a personalized card on it as well. We really try and make it easy for you! (Just indicate both in the comments box at checkout).

Soooooooo…..Please order as early as you can!

Obviously, that is one of the best parts and reasons for our BOGO Sale being a week before Black Friday. This way, we get to lavish all the attention on you and we get to ship all those orders before that sale rush even begins. 🙂 Phew! You can even order online at 2 am in your favorite fluffy pink robe and pick up all items at the store.

We will turn each and every order around as soon as humanly possible (robots were not available on such short notice) and ship immediately, HOWEVER, we can’t guarantee when it will get to you or your gift recipient in time once it leaves here with one of the 3 main carriers we use. We will be extra nice to all the tireless workers that pick up packages and promise to tip them really well!

The Holidays are always a fun time of year to pamper and spoil your favorite people.

You just have to make sure you are prepared early enough so you have the gifts ready to give! Shop at your local specialty stores and keep the money in town. Plus you won’t have to worry about it not getting to your gift recipients in time.

And worst comes to worst, you can always get your loved ones a select their own pampering joy gift certificate emailed, instead. 🙂 Easy, Peasy!

Lots of love, softness, and shipping headache patience,