Life can get exhausting some days.
We all have those nights when we just want to crash into bed. I get it because it defines my life. I am a run-run-runner between life and work and socializing. But for clear, gorgeous, moisturized great skin, you have to practice a few good habits. Besides that fact that you are worth it, taking care of your skin on a daily and weekly basis makes for overall skin health, which in turn makes your entire body better.
Here are my absolute have-to-dos for daily/weekly skincare.
 Scrubz™ sugar body scrub on back
Exfoliate at least once a week
And not just your face, but your body, too. Why? Because skin has to shed to allow for the new, fresh skin to come forward. It does it on its own about once every 28-35 days, but does not always do it evenly. That’s why you’ll have some areas of your body drier than others. Sun and wind and environmental exposure is another thing that affects skins shedding. Helping your skin turn over more often than Mother Nature does keeps all those fresher cells coming to the front, and therefore allows for a smooth surface all over your body. This helps other products you use work better, too because they are being put on healthier, polished skin. Simple and yet so important. We recommend our ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub in a scent that makes you smile.
 Face Oilz Pure Botanical Oil Cleanser
Take your make up off
Between the beauty product itself, the environment both outdoors and in, and even our own hands touching our faces, pores can get clogged up and dirty. Really dirty. I suggest you take it off daily and let your pores breathe and your skin get and feel fresh. My personal favorite has always been an oil-based cleanser, like our Face Oilz, that will break through the dirt and grime and unclog the gunk in your pores.  Oils will also naturally balance skin pH. And the skin is all about balance.
mineral mak
Sunscreen in your makeup
We can all get lazy about putting on sunscreen when the weather is cold, but the sun beats down, regardless of the season. By wearing mineral makeup with an SPF of at least 15, your are getting year-round protection and looking extra polished too! We love Color by Fields of Ambrosia.
When you need better coverage, we totally recommend Celtic Complexion Sunscreen. 
So there you have it. 3 things that are a must-do, and you’ll walk around looking smooth, polished, and protected.