Customer Service. We take every customer experience personally

Our business is because of you!

We are so incredibly blessed with the greatest customers.

Yes, I know lots of business owners say it, but we REALLY mean it! I guess you are the best customers for us! 🙂

Everything we do is for you, our customers.

From refilling your ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub jars at a 30% discount, to donating to your favorite charity raffle. From hosting your fundraisers to watching your kids as you shop. To helping a special needs child decorate a jar, to a no-questions-asked return policy. We have a loyalty program and a ScrubzBody VIP program, as well. I cannot stress how important you all are to us.

We would have no business without you, our customers, so we take serving you all very, very seriously!

As a small manufacturer of skincare products, we know there are a ridiculous amount of other brands out there. But there is one thing that my business has that no other business has…my staff and I. We will always strive to figure out what you need, not what we can sell you. We offer a 30-day money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee so you’ll be comfortable with all your purchases, even the new product you have been meaning to try.
As a natural skincare company trying to grow, we are always thinking of ways to spread the word. Thankfully you all have done so much of that for us and we wanted to thank you. When a new customer comes into the shop, or orders online and mention that they learned about us from a family member or friend, or got it as a gift, our smiles broaden and our gratitude deepens
We want to make sure we go the extra mile for you each and every time. We will deliver on our promises and if something goes wrong we will promptly fix it. For real. That is what the difference is and the reason that our only competition is ourselves, not the bigger guy.

I love knowing so many of you personally and I love when you invited us into your lives.  

You can’t get that type of service from a big box store or from Amazon and we intend to keep it that way.