It started with bad skin and became my livelihood!

As I have mentioned before, ScrubzBody started in my kitchen, then moved to my garage, then a small shop in a nearby town, then a larger shop, and finally our present-day production/store/party space.

As the business expanded I fell in love with helping people as much as I fell in love with sharing our great-for-your-skin products. That is how we grew customer by customer.

I also realized years ago that I really enjoyed being helpful in my business group and giving business advice to the ones who were just starting out. Why should new business owners make all the same mistakes I made if they could be avoided?

I was lucky enough to have mentors on my own business journey as it went through its own growing pains, and I wanted to do the same for anyone who wanted help.

That is when I truly realized that our white label/ private label sugar scrubs and lotions became so much more than just the products we sell.

It’s all about you and your customers!

It became a way for me to teach. And share knowledge.

It was a chance to take all the years of learning and mistakes and great ideas and offer them up to you and others starting their businesses.

It’s about label printing help and jar buying help. It’s about the best way to pitch the product and pitfalls to avoid.

It’s about picking the right scents.

It’s about making your business front and center for you and your customers.

Taking Customer Service to a New Level

I never dreamed I would be starting a customer service business when I started a skincare one. But it’s all about customers who nurtured our dreams and purchased our products.

People who shared us with their own friends and families because we treated them like our family.

And part of what we offer along with the sale of our products is love, caring and true gratitude. We offer guidance and tips and cool ideas that will make your customer’s experience as elevated as ours.

Basically making them feel as good as we make you feel!

And teaching you which of the things work better than others. At least for us it did, and that is a good place to start.

Let us help your business thrive!

When the box of scrub and lotion leaves our store for another small business to sell under their own label, I literally do a mental wave. I send it on its way and remind the product to treat you right and each of your customers right. (Sounds crazy, I know, but at least I am not saying it out loud). 😊

We want you to bring that box of love to your own customers.

And we love being the one who can hold your business hand through the process.