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Summer wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the beach! And while we still love feeling the warmth of the sunshine on our skin, we know too well that we need to prevent skin problems from happening.

The beach is a great place to spend time with your loved ones and create memories that will last forever. However, it’s also a place teeming with danger. The biggest threat? The UVA and UVB rays from the sun! Exposure to too much can cause painful sunburns, wrinkling, brown spots, premature aging, drying of the skin, and even skin cancer. 

The sand and the water? They’re out to get you too! These surfaces reflect UV radiation right back toward you. So, there might be no escape from these harmful elements when on the beach. 

Still, we shouldn’t let these things ruin summer! Protect and moisturize your skin while on the beach with the following hacks: 

  1. Wait Till After the Sun for Your Exfoliation Fix!

After a day outdoors, your skin is begging to be pampered! Skin that has been in the sun can be extra sensitive, so treat it with a gentle polish (using a bit more water) as opposed to a “scrubby scrub” (less water) when you are exfoliating. Polishing the skin helps keep the dry, dead flakes from peeling and nourishes the new, fresh layer.

So, take no chances! Wait till you reach home to get your exfoliating fix and then do it with a gentle touch.

  1. Seek Shade During Peak Hours

The sun’s rays are at their strongest from 10 AM to 2 PM, so it’s best to skip the beach altogether during these hours. But, of course, this is easier said than done, especially since you’re on vacation and you’d want to make the most out of every second. 

Let these hours guide you instead! Plan a sun-safety strategy and choose your beach activities accordingly. 

For example, consider scheduling your kids’ naps or meals around the hottest time of the day. Limiting water activities to the early morning or late afternoon is also a good idea. 

  1. Wear SPF For Extended Sun Exposure 

Whether you’re going outside during peak hours or not, remember to use full-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF value of at least 30. Apply this on your skin for at least 15 to 20 minutes before heading out. 

Don’t forget to apply to: 

  • The feet 
  • Tops of your hands 
  • Behind your ears 
  • Behind the knees 
  • Under your buttcheeks 
  • Front and back of your neck 

As for your lips and eyes, opt for a lip balm with SPF rather than your run-of-the-mill lip balms. Also, wear sunglasses that won’t only add to your outfit, but it’ll protect your eyes from the glare of the sun, too. Lastly, invest in clothes with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) for added defense. 

  1. Keep Hydrating! 

Another thing you have to watch out for is your hydration! Without water in your body, your skin will not only look dull, but it will also be more susceptible to the harshness of the sun. 

Dehydration will only give you a hard time at the beach as it will lead to headaches and lightheadedness. So treat your skin and yourself with water and natural moisturizers such as ceramides. 

Keep track of your eight 8-ounce glasses of water throughout the day. Your body will thank you as water helps wash out harmful toxins, preventing several diseases and ailments. Furthermore, never forget that everything that happens within your body also impacts your skin.

  1. Don’t Forget To Moisturize! 

There are no days off when it comes to skincare! Make sure to use a good moisturizer for both face and body in addition to a mild cleanser. It is easy to believe that moisturizer is not actually necessary during the heat, but this simply isn’t correct. 

Your skin can get dry and damaged by the summer heat, becoming dull, rough to the touch, and lacking nutrients. For the summer, opt for using less and lighter moisturizers. We recommend using Oilz+ right out of the shower on your dampened skin to lock in the hydration.

  1. Take Care Of Your Skin After Sun Exposure 

Spending the entire day at the beach swimming, sunbathing, and having the time of your life can sometimes be too harsh on your skin. Unfortunately, sometimes we forget to reapply sunscreen after taking a dip and then begin to feel the uncomfortable consequences creeping in. 

Sometimes, sun exposure just happens. Although the harm has already been done, there are numerous things you may do to lessen swelling, soothe discomfort, and speed up the recovery of your skin:

  • Take an oatmeal bath 
  • To encourage healing, add one cup of apple cider vinegar to a bath
  • Use creams with aloe vera in them
  • Apply a cold compress to your sunburned areas 
  • Apply cooling creams like Balmz (put it in the fridge!) to exposed skin, paying particular attention to reddish areas
  • Apply yogurt or cool (not cold) milk to the sunburned area
  • Chil some cucumbers and mash them in a blender to create a paste that you can apply to affected areas

Have A Safe and Fun Time Under The Sun! 

Don’t let the sun ruin your well-deserved vacation! With the hacks and tips above, you can protect your skin even while on the beach. 

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Guest Post by Arleen Atienza