When I came into work the second week of March, which was by then when most non-essential businesses were beginning to shut down in NY, and I tried to imagine a business with no customers. My store was where most of it happened and my online business, while stable, was never really booming. What was I going to do with my time and my product and my sadness about the state of what was going on with my own business and other businesses like mine?

After a day or two of just cleaning and straightening the store, I decided to put on my big girl panties and figure out a plan. Instead of being sad, I was going to find a purpose. Instead of wallowing in what wasn’t, I was going to make something that was. And I was going to give it away! To the nurses and doctors and front-line personnel. I started with the few hospitals where I had a connection. The one that saved Wendy’s neck in Feb. The one that saved my friend’s brother. The one my daughter-in-law used to work out of. The one her best friend still did. 

I put out a few pics and suggested that if anyone had a first response team on Long Island or NYC that they wanted to nominate for a “Pamper Pack” box of goodies, they had to let me know. 

The requests started coming in via email, text, and instant message. I was at first overwhelmed, but then I realized how many first responders really needed a pamper break. They needed to know that someone was thinking about them. They were already getting amazing food donations from many local restaurants and donating groups, but I thought they might appreciate something to make their constantly washed hands (and bodies) feel much better.

I packed up either a ScrubzBody Scrub and a Lipz Lip Balm, or a Scrubz and an Oilz+ lotion depending on the size of the unit.

I am humbled and proud to say that to date, the following hospitals and first response units received a box of at least 30-80 “Pamper Packs”.

The thank-yous and the pictures make my heart soar! The front-liners are the true angels and heroes. I just helped make their skin a little softer, and hopefully, their day a little brighter.

None of this would be possible without your continued love and support of us here. That support and your orders helped fund these donations.

Thank you!!

Long Island Jewish

Northwell at Manhasset

Northwell at Huntington

Northwell at Glen Cove

Northwell at Syosset

Northwell at Plainview

Northwell at Valley Stream

Good Samaritan

St. Sienna Nurse Rehabilitation Center

St. Francis Heart Center

Elmhurst Emergency Room 

SUNY Downstate

Nassau Community Hospital Center

Mt. Sinai at South Nassau

Winthrop Hospital

Southside Hospital ER Department

Southside Hospital Transport Department

NYSP Bohemia Emergency Unit

Mather Hospital

NYC Langone ER 

NYC Langone Tisch Center

NYC Mt. Sinai

Bronx Children’s Hospital

NY Presbyterian

ConEdison First Response Unit for New York

Lenox Hill

Mercy Hospital Rockville Center

Valley Hospital, NJ – Donated by Jeff and Wendy L

One of the boxes just being opened on the unit.