The 7 of us met through the Indie Business Network’s annual trip and realized immediately that we wanted to spend the most time with each other. Everyone else was wonderful, and the trip was great, but something special was apparent amongst us and we knew it.

A few of us had been friends before so the mesh of those 3 mini groups into one larger group was seamless. There is an age difference of 17-22 years among some of us, yet there really is no difference in our mindset. Friendship and laughter really have no boundaries.

So when Sandy, of The Purple Sage, suggested the 7 of us travel together for our own mini mastermind business meeting and fun-fest, it was an easy yes. That was in 2021. And we had the most fabulous time. So this year we did it again!

We had kept up our string of text messages, Slack channel, and Masterminds every other week so it was as if we had just seen each other when we got together in person again. To me, that is such a symbol of how we feel about each other and what we each bring to the collective.

It’s just easy.

So this year we decided to let our inner dress-up child out and scheduled our group photograph around some outrageous outfits that Jennifer, of Celtic Complexion, had brought with her. It was like a Mary Poppin’s Carpet Bag of Tricks. The more you looked into it, the more things popped out. It was hilarious!

Jen’s collection

Having all the dresses and tutus and glasses and necklaces that we could choose from made it easy to bring out our childhood diva selves and feel magical and fun and silly and perfect all at once.

Each one of us found something super special depending on the scene.

Sandy had the giant headpiece for the boho look while Michelle, of Mama Suds, used it for our tutu shot. Angela of Alegna Soap brought her kindness fairy tiara and it matched perfectly with Jennifer’s glasses. Christine of Ba6 Marketing adored the yellow tutu and wrap and the long gloves for our kitchen setup, and Laura of Olive My Skin rocked her blue dress and red gown and loved blowing bubbles.

In between the laughter and the photos and the perfume-making (Thank you Angela) and the walks on the beach, we managed to get some real work done.

We had business discussions about email flows (Thank You Michelle) and copywriting techniques (Thank you, Christine). We pushed Christine to organize her new copywriting class as well as celebrated Angela for writing her “damn book” (Bath Bonanza).

We uplifted and encouraged. We laughed and we snorted. We remembered what brought us together in the first place.

And we already booked next year’s trip!

Laughter and Tutu's
Laughter and Tutus