“Would you like to go away? Just the 7 of us.” That is what Sandy asked in a group text with 6 of my like-minded business women friends

Michelle, Sandy, Laura and Angela at Myrtle Beach  Jennifer Waller of Celtic Complexion. Christine Laureano of Ba6 Marketing. Roberta Perry at ScrubzBody

I had met all of them through my larger business group, the Indie Business Network, and we all were just drawn to each other for different reasons. I am lucky in that 2 of the women live on Long Island, like me, but the others hail from Connecticut, North Carolina, Michigan and Louisiana. We have different backgrounds, religious affiliations, politics and lifestyles. It didn’t matter one bit.

I love to represent their brands at my shop as passionately as I do my own, because not only are their products gold, but they are too and that kind of karma and mojo needs to be shared. I sell Alegna soap and shower steamers from Angela. Olive my home Candles and Olive my skin lip balm from Laura. The Purple Sage Bubbleaux from Sandy, Mama Suds Toilet Bombs from Michelle. Christine has written some of my web copy and I sell private label product to Jen and use her Celtic Complexion tinted moisturizer daily. Powerhouse products from my powerhouse tribe.

Laughter, respect, caring about someone’s opinion other than your own and trust are what bind us

And oh how we laughed. About the usual, the unusual, and plenty about the condition of the AirBNB we rented, which was terrible because the guy lied and used old pictures, but at least the beds were comfy. We shared business tips and strategies. We shared ugly cry moments and what didn’t work. We shared family stories and marriage and children stories, too.

Being in a tribe of women like this, where nothing is judged and everything is said with love, is one of the things I cherished most about this time away. It was literally nourishing. In my soul and my heart. It reminded me what sisterhood looks like, even though my own sister has passed. Have you ever felt that kind of bonding?

Thankfully I am blessed with a tight circle of forever friends whom I love fiercely and deeply, but because they are not self-employed entrepreneurs, discussions are not about business. Also, because they have a relationship with my husband and family, certain conversations are never brought out by either side. It is different with this tribe of women. This tribe is for me, and me alone. And not only do I need it, and want it, but I believe all women do. There is just something about woman power that props us up differently. Do you know what I mean?

Yes some women can be catty and petty and back-stabbing

Every generation since forever, has had them, but don’t waste your time on those cranky fools and it won’t be a problem. Just move away and show them the door. They don’t understand what womanhood and sisterhood and tribe-hood is about. That it empowers, enlivens and enriches our lives to have these members in it. 

So that is what I got from these 6 women. And I am grateful. And we are going to do it on a yearly basis which makes me even more excited.

Do you have your own powerhouse tribe? Please share if you do!