Beautiful skin on back
I remember it like it was yesterday but it was almost 12 years ago!

After years of scaly, patchy, dry and irritated skin, I had finally had enough. I bought all sorts of commercial creams and lotions, but none seemed to work very well. In fact, some even seemed to make it worse.

And then I tried a scrub. It changed my life! (ok… a bit dramatic, but it was a big deal then!) For the first time I realized how important exfoliation was in the process of healthy, beautiful skin. I had only put things on my dry patches, never thinking that I really needed to take the dead flakes off.

I didn’t love all the products I was finding, though. Some were too greasy, others too mushy, others still too rough on the skin. So I did what any other frustrated “have to have it my way” person does… I made my own! Right in my kitchen, with oils I cooked with and sugar I put in my coffee. I had read a bunch of labels on other brands and had a basis of what to start with, but I knew some things had to change, so I had an idea in my head on how to change it for the better and make it mine.

I concocted a batch of what I thought was a great scrub. And then I gave some to my sister. She was less than thrilled. Back to the drawing (or mixing) board. It took about 4 different combinations and 5 different guinea pigs (friends, really, but you know) and they loved it. And I loved it.

And then I started using it regularly. A little more on my elbows. A little less on my face. once a week. Then twice a week. Then daily. What could I say,  I loved how the product felt on my skin. Like an all over back scratch on all the itchy, dry places.

And then it happened.

I was tucking my shirt into my pants and I felt the skin on my back all the way down to, well, you know, the top of my butt cheeks. And it felt smooth! REALLY, INCREDIBLY, UNBELIEVABLY SMOOTH!!! Like my skin had never felt before in all its adult life. And then I realized that the rest of my skin felt just as good. My elbows had lost that perpetual dry and dirty look. They weren’t scaly and peeling anymore. The callous on my feet was not cracked (and bleeding at times), my chicken skin (Keratosis Pilaris) was gone and in its place was soft, smooth skin. 

It was a day I’ll never forget.

It is the day I was truly humbled by what I had compounded together with natural oils and sugar.  My skin has continued to be that soft all these years later. Yours can be that soft too!