Your feet take such good care of you.

They schlep you. They climb for you and dance for you. They lift you up on your toes and help you run around. Pretty awesome, right? Because of this, feet can get calloused and dry. They can get achy right on the ball of your foot too, or they can get extra stinky when you take off your socks.

Feet deserve to be treated with some respect.

You know I am right on this. When your feet feel good somehow the rest of your body feels great. And the other way around happens, too. When your feet hurt, everything else just seems to hurt as well.

With that in mind, my favorite pampering foot treatment is as follows. Now mind you, when I say pampering, I mean necessary for survival! 🙂

Feetz Foot Scrub (or other Scrubz)

I recommend during the soaking phase that you close your eyes and have a 10 minute meditation. Music playing in the background is a beautiful addition to the ritual. Remember, this is time for you and it’s not only necessary, but deserved.

Soak your hard-working feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes till they become hydrated and waterlogged. Ahhh…

Feetz Foot Scrub Soak Feet

Gently pat feet dry, making sure to keep them damp.

Feetz Foot Scrub pat dry

Next, take a small amount amount of Feetz Foot Scrub (any ScrubzBody Scrub works, but the Feetz has Shea Butter whipped in which adds even more dreamy moisturizing) and scrub away, using the heel of your hand on the heel of your feet. Really massaging well. Get in between the toes and then rub the tips of your toes as well, where the nail is. Have fun with this part because it feels so darn good!

Feetz Foot Scrub put scrub on feet
Feetz Foot Scrub on Heel

Rinse the sugar off but don’t towel dry. Just shake the excess water off your feet and then massage the oils, Shea butter and moisture from the water into each foot. Pretend you are a massage therapist and do it right!

Feetz Foots Scrub massaging oils in

Now, with your feet all moisturized and still a bit damp, put cotton socks on for at least an hour. Overnight with them on is even better! I call it marinating!

Voila! A super easy and wonderfully pampering foot scrub that makes your feet feel refreshed and renewed!

And you deserve it, big time!