SCRUBZBODY SCENT GROUPSThe fragrance of something is such a personal choice. 

I usually lean toward Citrus Zest, Sassy Citron, or Jasmine Honeysuckle, my late sister, Michelle adored Sweet Milk and Honey and Coconut Milk, and not much of anything else, Wendy loves anything minty, fresh, or fruity, with no florals for her. Diana is all about sweet, fruity, and customized scents, like a rose! It is amazing how many different ways a scent can be described by any particular person, depending on how they enjoy it. It really makes me laugh.

Of all the senses, your sense of smell is the one that is most closely tied to your emotions. So it is of no wonder that specific fragrances will not only trigger a memory good or bad but can actually evoke a feeling inside you that hits you from head to toe. Literally bringing you back to a strong emotional tie. Pretty cool, right?

It’s no wonder we are so protective of our own favorite fragrances and will go out of our way to convince others that they are the best. Of course, to ourselves, they are, but to others, maybe not so much. We forget that the other person has their own favorite scent and their own reason it is so special to them.

With this knowledge in mind, I laugh all the time when friends or family members “fight” about fragrance when they come into the shop. 

3 friends came into the store recently to pick out a gift for a friend and to get their own ScrubzBody scrub jars refilled. They asked about a few fragrances each, so I filled some sample cups with all the different scents.  They moved away from me, lowered their masks, and started to smell the scrub. The conversation was hilarious.

Here is how some of it went:

T- OOOH! I love this one, which is it, Citrus Zest or Burst!
N- Burst. It has the pink grapefruit in it. I like it, but it’s too tangy.
A- I never liked citrus scents. Too much like breakfast juice. LOL
T- No way! It’s so fresh and sweet at the same time.
N- Give me the other one. (She smelled it again). This is the bomb. It smells like a cherry sundae. 
A- It’s ok. It reminds me of a shampoo I used years ago. It’s good, but still a little sweet.
T- I think that one smells great, but not better than the Zest or Burst. What about this one? (She hands over the Coconut Milk).
N- I love this! But then again I love anything with coconut. Can I smell the CocoLime also? ( I scoop some out). OH FRESH! Smell this, you guys!!
A – I don’t like that one at all! Lime. Yech.
T- I love it!!
N- Warm Vanilla is making me hungry. I love it, but not in the shower.
A- Oh, smell this one. It’s called Ginger Teaze.
T- How about Sassy Citron?
N- I like that one, but Ginger is better. Still not my favorite.
A – I am sticking with my favorite, Lavender. Calm, perfect, Lavender.
T- Are you kidding me? My grandma used to wear that scent all the time. It’s good, but I’m not wearing what she wore. I’ll stick with the Citrus Zest.
N – OMG Sweet Milk and Honey. Yes! Yes! YES! (She was grinning as she said it.)
A – Oh, I like that one, too, but next time! 
ALL- OK… we are ready! 🙂

I laughed first and then I started filling the jars. 

So, what’s YOUR favorite?

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