Laughter and Happiness are two of the best medicines, and laughing till you snort or cry is at least part of that prescription. And it is also true for your skin

If you are happy most of the time, it can improve the appearance and health of your face and body, leading to a clearer, brighter complexion. If your body is feeling good and your mind is content and happy, joyfulness will show itself everywhere, particularly on your skin.

In this post, we will dive into some of the ways in which happiness can benefit your skin and offer tips on how to nurture more in your life.

The Stress Mess

Before we discuss the benefits it is important to understand the negatives as well. The impact that stress and bad feelings can have on your skin.

Stress can lead to acne, inflammation, and other skin problems. When you are stressed, or feeling uneasy because something happened to cloud your mind, your body produces a hormone called cortisol, which among other things, like weight gain, can cause your skin to become inflamed and increase oil production. Plus we all tend to make poor choices when feeling pressure. Can you say stress fries? 

This sense of unease makes it more difficult to sleep and so you wake up feeling less than your optimal self and it shows on your face. Think of those nights staring at the ceiling, or punching your pillow to make it more comfortable because you can’t seem to find the right spot. I know I have had them. That kind of sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on your mood and on your skin. (Btw, have a glass of lemon water to sip on when you are sleep deprived because hydrating always makes it better)

Additionally, feeling stressed can cause you to pick at your skin, leading to scarring and further irritation. Picking at your skin is a surefire way to permanent skin issues that will follow you long after the pimple was on your face. My advice…don’t pick!

Happy & Content make for Clear & Clean Skin

Now that we understand the negative impact that stress can have on your skin, let’s explore how happiness can have the opposite effect. 

When you are happy, your body produces endorphins, which are natural mood-boosting chemicals. These little guys are literally there to help reduce stress levels, leading to improved life and better dermal health.

As mentioned before, when you are stressed, you sleep less, which shows up immediately on your face and body. That is because during sleep, your body repairs and regenerates cells, which can help to improve appearance and texture.

Furthermore, happiness can lead to a healthier lifestyle. When you are happy, you are more likely to engage in healthy habits, such as regular exercise, drinking more water, and eating a balanced diet. These habits promote better circulation and provide the nutrients that your skin needs to look its best.

Tips for Cultivating Happiness and Allowing All the Joy in your life

Practice Gratitude: One of the simplest ways to make yourself happy is to practice gratitude. Take a few moments each day to reflect on the things that you are thankful for. I do a gratitude meditation in the morning before I even open my eyes, taking just a few seconds (or more if it’s a long list) to say out loud what I am thankful for. It helps set a positive tone for the day. Appreciating a beautiful sunset or being grateful for a supportive friend are other easy gratitudes.

Engage in Activities That Bring You Joy: Putting yourself in the middle of activities that bring you happiness can help to boost your mood and reduce stress levels. This can be anything from reading a book to practicing yoga. Lately, I have been enjoying pickleball with my husband, time with the dog, and long morning walks with my friend. I also love playing the drums for fun and listening to great podcasts and books. What are things you love to do?

Connect with Others: Social connections are essential for happiness. Take the time to connect with friends and family members, or join a community group or club that aligns with your interests. That is the best way to meet new people as an adult. There is nothing, and I mean nothing like sharing laughs with a friend.

Take Care of Yourself: Self-care, also known as “leave me alone and let me have this moment (or sixty) by myself…is that too much to ask” time,  is an important aspect of happiness. Make quality moments for yourself by doing things like getting enough rest, eating a balanced diet, taking a bath or Scrubz shower, and engaging in regular exercise. 

Practice Mindfulness: Mindfulness is the art of being present and fully engaged at the moment. This can help to reduce cortisol levels and promote a sense of calm and joyfulness in your mood. Try incorporating practices such as meditation or deep breathing into your daily routine.

So, go ahead and smile, laugh, snort, and make strange faces and funny noises…it’s all good, your skin and the rest of your body will thank you for it! 😉