ScrubzBody with oil and sugar

Many of you know I started the company because my skin was dry and irritated, but the story of how I began ScrubzBody is really a story of wanting one product that did it all. I knew myself. I was not going to do any long drawn out skincare regime.

And so I did nothing.

It was 2005. My skin was dry, itchy, and irritated. I was so busy working and being a mom to my 3 kids, that I had forgotten to take care of myself and my skin. I just grabbed whatever soap was in the shower, and more often than not, it was a bar of deodorant soap, which is more like detergent, than soap. 

I was in a meeting and started scratching my elbow. A bit of blood dropped on my papers and I realized I had scratched enough to make it bleed. I was finally ready to walk into a skincare store for the first time and ask for help.

The salesperson first walked me over to the body gels and moisturizers, but the manager, having heard my story, pointed me to the scrubs. The what? The only scrub I had ever used was the mesh scrubby thing you lathered with soap. She picked up a salt scrub that was saturated with oil at the top. “Try this”, she said. “It will help take the dead skin off and moisturize you as well”.

So, I took it home and hit the showers. This particular scrub had so much oil pooled on top that I had to stir it with my fingers and it made a bit of a mess on the shower floor. I didn’t love that aspect but forged on. I started on my legs and worked my way up. Not too bad, I thought. When I started massaging the scrub into my arms, I let out such a yell that my husband came running. Now, remember, I had peeled a piece of skin off when I made myself bleed and it was still a healing wound. And this was a salt scrub. Get my point?


Here I had finally discovered what I believed to be a great exfoliating product, but my elbow was hurting, my eyes were tearing and I knew I was not happy already with this product. I then went on a quest to find the perfect scrub. I tried high-end and low-end products. I tried handmade ones in pretty glass jars with ribbons on the cap, from local craft fairs. Many were just ok, some were good but none were really really great. And that glass jar? Well, it got greasy in the shower and slipped from my hands. It was a mess that could have become dangerous and I vowed never to use a glass container near the shower or bath again.

I knew I did not want salt as a base anymore, so I was looking for a sugar scrub. Many were too oily, too smelly, too gritty to use on my face, and some were made with ingredients that I did not want to put on my body. I seriously felt like “Goldilocks in the sugar scrub house”.

I decided to make my own and never looked back. 

I researched botanical oils and tried various types of sugar. I did stress tests and scent combinations and had more scrub lining my bathroom shelves then I ever would use in 6 months. I mixed up different combinations and test batches until I came up with a winner. I wanted one product that would work from head to toe and every part, public and private, in-between.

My late sister, Michelle, joined me and in 2006 we started ScrubzBody Skin Care Products. We started selling at craft fairs and house parties and a few local shops. Then we started selling online. I remember the first sale on our website that was not my family or friend. Someone had found us. I now happily ship around the country and even to places like London, Perth, and Melbourne! I still pinch myself sometimes.

That was over 14 years ago and I still can’t wait to take my own ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub Shower! Citrus and fresh are my own personal favorite scents. You can even get one custom scented!

How about you?