Roberta going crazy for ScrubzBody

Momprenuer! What does that even mean? Years ago I had no idea, but I certainly do now!

ScrubzBody was started because I was totally frustrated with other body care products on the market. I began making it for myself because I could not find one I liked completely. I had no intention of making it a business, but after sharing some of my creations with my late sister Michelle, and some friends, I knew I had something special. With Michelle’s help we launched in June of 2006. I mixed up different scent batches. I tried tweaking the recipe. I felt like a mad chemist and I loved it! The business quickly moved from the dining room table, to a converted garage, to a small 850 sq. ft. store in a commercial part of a town called Bethpage, NY. We then move quickly to a larger retail/production/party/treatment space in that same town, and then finally finding our true home at 245 Main St. in Farmingdale.

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So how did I get started? Well, it was a path from full time employee at a graphic design firm to working from home when I had my first born son. I worked in graphic design and marketing for years. I then had the chance to be the marketing director of an adult education program in Dallas. That business failed miserably, however, it gave me a skill set I didn’t have before and a desire to own my business.

So the momprenuer thing sort of just happened as I was juggling between family and work. It’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure! Luckily, it gave my kids a sense of independence early on, which helped them when I was busy with work. I knew there would never be a complete balance, but I thought that trying to achieve some semblance of it was key during many of those years.They saw my passion and my desire to do things right. I believe this was and is a really good teacher for them in regard to their own future businesses. I was never afraid to discuss work things and asked for their help and advice, even when they were young. I think it made them a part of the process so they never felt that my work interfered with their lives. Now that my kids are older and have lives of their own, I got that time back. I split it between work and myself. No matter what, you have to take some “me” time, even in little teeny doses. I started inline skating at 38; starting playing the drums for fun at 41 and I find when I am doing either of those things, my mind can take a total break. I will go for manicures because good grooming is essential to my business. I meditate. I walk miles with my dog. I will have a reflexology treatment or massage once in a while too, because taking some time for ourselves is not only necessary, but invaluable.

I think so much of who we are and who we want to show to our kids and the world around us comes from inner satisfaction. I know I learned tons from my parents! Whether it’s staying home or heading out to work, or working from home. Whatever gives you joy and satisfaction is what will make you shine. And this in turn reflects back on your kids and the people you love the most.