Oilz Plus with ingredientsOh how I love Oilz+ Moisturizing Lotion.

It was created because our customer Lisa wanted something better. Something pump-able, but something with more moisturizing ability than the lotion she was using at the time. The fact is, lotions and creams usually contain about 70% water. And when you have water, you need preservatives. And many of those are alcohol based, which in the end, can leave skin feeling dry, not moisturized. Even salves and balms tend to have about 20% water.


But not our lotion! Our Oilz+ is created with 8 pure botanical oils and Shea butter ONLY!  No water. None. Nada. Zilch and Zero! That is why it is so perfect for outdoor skin protection. It’s because the Shea butter and oils really absorb into the skin and do not evaporate. They give long lasting protection and nourishment. Whether in Winter’s chill or as the weather gets warmer, your skin is more exposed to the elements and the sun, so it needs better moisturizing. Voila! We got that!

We suggest that the best time to use Oilz+ is right out of the shower or bath. Remember, our lotions have no water nor preservatives, so a little goes a long way! When you use it on dampened skin, it locks in the moisture from your shower or bath. This is exactly what you want to do in terms of a wonderful moisturizer. Lock in all the hydration.

There is even so much Shea butter in this lotion that it will solidify at cold temperatures. That’s when you use the pump as a wand! It’s perfect on sun-burned or wind-burned skin. At room temperature it is a luscious lotion.  The 8 botanical oils we blend into the Shea Butter help skin rejuvenate and refresh.

Try Oilz+ today.  Your skin will be so happy! It comes in 5 scents, Cherry Almond Burst, Coconut Milk, Ginger Teaze, Lavender and Sassy Citron. It also comes Unscented or we can customize one for you!