Pampering. It sounds so “naughty” doesn’t it. And yet, it is totally and 100% necessary to our survival. If, that is, you want more than just the basic survival, and instead want something a little richer and more delightful! I think you do!

To Pamper. The very definition means “to treat with extreme or excessive care and attention.” Why should this be a bad thing? Especially when it is directed at ourselves. Why is self-care looked at as selfish when it is really selfless. Why? Because if we care about ourselves we are better able to care for others, too.

We all know what we need to do. And we all say it with such conviction too! Eating only good, healthy food. Drinking more water. Exercising Daily. But most of the time these fabulous intentions get pushed away with the daily activities. Now don’t get me wrong, daily activities, even the mundane ones, are the fabric of our lives and are necessary to live, but stepping back to reflect on life and taking time away from the world in order to self care are necessary and not extra. These are things that enrich us and make us better. Make us think more clearly.

Self care should not be put on the back burner.

Indulging yourself should be a daily thing and does not have to cost a fortune, or anything at all. Mediation every morning, taking a walk or hike in nature is a perfect way to destress and reconnect to yourself. Hitting the beach for a meditative hour or more is another way to recharge and rejuvenate. Getting a massage, reflexology or a facial is another fabulous and not too cost prohibitive way to completely pamper yourself in a healthful way that connects your body and your mind.

Taking a true vacation from your daily life is the ultimate in pampering, even if it means staying home and doing nothing more than reading that book you have had on the shelf for a year. Or lounging in your pajamas and binge-watching your favorite show. Or becoming a tourist in your own town or close by. Exercising for joy and/or cooking healthful favorite meals or splurging on the new fancy restaurant in town makes you feel special.

What staycations don’t mean is taking self-care time off to paint the bathroom or clean out the garage. Save those necessary, daily life projects for weekend hour chunks, not pampering me-time.

If you can truly get away, then find a place that will re-charge your body and your mind. Visit a destination you have been dreaming of. Go for long walks to explore the city or countryside. Eat the food of the culture. Visit the museums. See a show at the local theatre. Literally distance yourself from the daily grind and completely refresh your inner soul.

I had my first massage in my late 30s, my first facial in my 40’s and a true me-time vacation when I was 41. I realized then what I had been missing throughout my 20’s and my 30’s in terms of self-love. It was both liberating and sad at the same time. What the hell had I been waiting for?

I am here to implore you to take care of yourself. On a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. We give so much time, love and attention to others in our life. We deserve that same attention. We deserve that same love.

So go on… stop reading and go pamper yourself!!