When we opened our shop we wanted to sell other items that we loved, but they had to be just as awesome as we strived to make our own products.

Alegna for ScrubzBody Soap
Alegna Soap in ScrubzBody Scents
Alegna shower steamers
Alegna Shower Steamers

Alegna Soap
From the minute Angela walked into our first shop, we knew it was a match made in heaven. She and I belonged and still belong to the same business group that is mainly natural makers of all sorts. When Angela realized that I had opened a store in Bethpage, NY she walked right in and introduced herself in person. We became fast friends and started selling her soap. And then she suggested we give her a few of our scents and she’ll custom make our own soap. We did. She did. And they are brilliant. Then, one day a customer asked about Shower Steamers. I had heard of them but had no idea that Angela made them. She did. And they are amazing for clearing your sinuses and general de-congestion, as they steam scents of eucalyptus, mint and menthol into the shower air.

Bath Bomb Fizzie by Lotion Bar Cafe
Lotion Bar Bath Fizzies in ScrubzBody Scents

Lotion Bar Cafe Bath Fizzies
I had heard about my late friend :-(, Holly, from Angela of Alegna soaps and she always said her name with a smile. We finally got the chance to meet in 2016, at a conference in Nashville, TN and even went to the Grand Ole Opry together. She was a blast to be with and an excellent maker. Her bath bomb recipes are used by makers around the country due to her craft book, “Make it Fizz,” but Lotion Bar Cafe themselves make ours in the scents that match our scrub, lotion, soap and sparkle stones. They fizz and foam and make your bath smell and feel fantastic! We are so lucky to have had Holly, and now the wizards at Lotion Bar Cafe, making ours.

Sparkle Stones in ScrubzBody Scents
Sparkle Stones in ScrubzBody Scents

Sparklefly Sparkle Stones
I loved the bubbly personality of AnneMarie the moment we met. Angela and I had already established our friendship and we realized there were other Indies on Long Island. We reached out to them via our Facebook group and soon had a few more members in our little posse and Anne was one of them. Watching her business grow is wonderful and I love being a part of it. Anne creates her beautiful and delightfully scented stones in our most popular fragrances. Instead of lighting a candle, Shake the jar to refresh, pop the top and enjoy the beautiful aroma without the flame or worry of a candle. Great in bathrooms or at your desk.

Smarty Pits Deodorant at ScrubzBody
Smarty Pits Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Smarty Pits
The weather was gorgeous and the conference room was abuzz. And there I met Stacia and her husband Robert. We hit it off right away and realized we were both speakers at the conference. Stacia had just rebranded her Handcrafted Honeybee line and was speaking about using video to engage your audience. I wanted to sell deodorant at my new store and so it was kismet we had met. This is truly the best natural deodorant on the market because it seriously works. They have since rebranded again to Smarty Pits and are now in over 3500 locations around the country.

vidaaire air freshener
Vidaaire Natural Room Deodorizer

Vidaaire Natural Room Deodorizer
Debbie and I met while we were both doing demos at a natural grocer in the heart of eastern NJ. We hit it off as we demo’d our products. I told her that when I opened a shop I would sell her product. I kept my word and ordered almost as soon as we opened in 2011. This is a product that delivers! It has a great scent that is totally refreshing so it is perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms. Spray some in musty sneakers. It is  great at repelling bugs too, because of its lemongrass scent.We are so proud and lucky to have these love-crafted products at our store!

Celtic Complexion Sunscreen
Celtic Complexion Sun Screen

Celtic Complexion Sunscreen
This sunscreen is not only gentle, chemical-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, non-nano, and broad spectrum, but it is probably one of the best sunscreens on the market. It was created by someone with super light and rosy skin so she knows a thing or two about sun protection. This lotion is not only good for those with sensitive skin but it’s really great for everyone. Can be used on face and body. Contains only 9 organic and natural ingredients (86% of them are certified organic) and 25% zinc oxide. Packaged in biodegradable tubes. When you put it on your skin, you feel like you have truly protected yourself.

We are thrilled to offer these products that are made with so much love and fantastic ingredients that they deliver on their promises each and every day. Enjoy them all!