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Many women can attest to that overwhelming, draining feeling of having to do the same old day in and day out, feeling like there’s no break in sight to help them escape the drudgery of it all. And while life can seem like a monotonous, never-ending list of to-dos, there are ways you can overcome that restless energy you’ve been feeling for the longest time.

Let that stress melt away

Stress can cause even the most even-tempered women to feel like they are losing their sanity, which is why we should do our utmost to eliminate stress as much as possible. One of the ways you can do this effectively is by practicing the art of meditation or mindfulness, as it’s known in some circles, to help you forget about those things that may be worrying you or weighing you down. Furthermore, mindfulness allows you to focus just on the present so that your mind doesn’t run away with you.

Change your eating habits

You are what you eat; this saying could never be truer because it is so accurate at addressing how eating unhealthfully could have a serious impact on the way you feel about yourself. This is exactly why you should be eating wholesome meals that are healthy and nutritious and cut out foods that are high in refined sugars and trans fats.

Work out at home if you have to, but work out

If you are a busy mum or entrepreneur or both, then you probably don’t have enough time in the day to set aside for daily exercise. This is when making a plan for working out at home can come in handy, as you squeeze in an exercise routine or two while looking after the kids or doing business as usual.

You don’t even need expensive gym equipment to get fit and active; you could just as well use everyday furniture to work out effectively, such as using the kitchen counter or a chair to do tricep dips; or your sofa to do a few tummy tucks; or a chair for push-ups, for example. Pushing a stroller or walking the dog while getting your daily steps in is another way to sneak exercise into your day.

Pay attention to your skincare routine

Sometimes we need to pay attention to how we look to make the positive changes we desperately need. For example, perhaps your skin care needs some improvement because you’re just feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Then why not consider investing in a good scrub to help eliminate dead skin cells and reveal fresh and glowing skin? Try one of the more than 17 scents of Scrubz Body Skincare Products or customize your own fragrance to make your skin feel like you’ve just stepped out of a spa.

Or, what about Feetz to help your feet feel light and fresh and ready for the day? Yes!

Make sure your home environment is just as uplifting

Your home environment will also play a key role in how you feel about and go about your day; hence, why you should be concentrating on making it as bright and sunny and warm and uplifting as possible. For example, decluttering and tidying up the space and letting in plenty of fresh air and natural sunlight will benefit the family and you as you work towards making the days better for all.

Change careers

Suppose you feel like your current career is doing your health a disservice. Then it may be time to switch careers to a healthier one that includes health insurance, such as working in the education sector or the public administration, or the banking sector for that matter.

Furthermore, when you choose a job with health insurance, you have better access to health care facilities, which means you get to take a more proactive stance regarding your health needs to function at your best.

As women, we should be as invested in ourselves as we are in our loved ones’ lives if we are ever to have the hope of escaping the daily grind of everyday life.

This can only be achieved by taking the necessary steps to live more proactively and health-consciously.

And hopping in the shower for a good pampering Scrubz!

Guest Post by Eleanor Wyatt

Image by Pexels