ScrubzBody sugar, oil and essential oils

Going natural. This phrase has dominated the conversation for many years. Some people have changed their eating habits and others are applying fewer products to their skin and hair. Still others are using aluminum free deodorant.

Here are some of the best reasons why making the change, even little changes can have big results!

REDUCING REACTIONS AND ALLERGIES People can sustain allergic reactions to all different substances and that can include what is found in the natural world. However, if you have constantly suffered from makeup allergies, perhaps the chemicals in the products you are using are what irritates you. Giving natural makeup a try may reduce any irritations and will still allow you to get the look you want.

INFUSING NATURAL SCENTS When you open up a beauty product that has been infused with natural scents, you realize how different essential oils are from fragrance oils. Artificial fragrance can be more irritating to the skin so opt for natural fragrance whenever possible.

USING HEALTHIER INGREDIENTS In conjunction with possibly reducing allergies, natural skincare and makeup is just better for you overall. Just imagine scrubbing your face every day with chemicals. When you use commercial beauty products, made with ingredients that are not natural, that’s exactly what you are doing. Even if you are not allergic to the chemicals you could still have adverse reactions to them.

FREEING UP YOUR PORES Most types of makeup have the potential to clog your pores. However, when you choose natural products you may start to see your skin cleaning up. Instead of constantly stuffing your pores with unnatural ingredients, you are giving your skin more of a chance to breathe.

SMOOTHING OUT YOUR SKIN Not only might natural products help those of you who struggle with oily skin, they can also provide relief to your dry-skinned sisters. Over time, you will begin to notice that your skin feels smoother and softer. Especially with the scrub. Smoother skin also helps you to apply your makeup more evenly as well.

SAVING MONEY Some people say that they do not want to purchase natural beauty products because they are more expensive. As far as the actual cost, that is probably true. However, your skin will be better and you will suffer less irritation, so less trips to the dermatologist and less throwing away products that do not make you feel good!

HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT Just as the name of these beauty products implies, they are there to help the world around them, too. You should always check the labels to make sure, but natural beauty products tend to avoid controversial procedures such as testing on animals. Furthermore, these products usually come in packages that are better for the environment when you dispose them. You can help yourself and the environment when you purchase natural.

ENHANCING YOUR BEAUTY Long before you had beauty shops and drug stores to purchase skin care and makeup, you had natural ingredients that made natural products. These products have stood the test of time. They deliver on their promise and are usually much more effective than other products as well.

Natural beauty products clearly have an array of benefits to offer to those who are willing to give them a try.