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This has been a timeless question of both men and women who are tying the knot soon. Of course, no one wants to have a zit, dry skin, or worse, a breakout on the big day especially when all eyes are on you. You would not want your dehydrated skin to ruin your picture-perfect wedding ring along with your flawless wedding gown. You do not want your close-up wedding photos to be reminiscent of a time when you had such dull or problematic skin. You want to give your guests the most beautiful woman in the room. In order to have that crowd-appealing and radiantly glowing skin, you need six months. Beauty regimens do not work overnight and neither should you believe false advertisements that claim their products can help improve your skin in a week because truthfully, skincare requires commitment and a hefty amount of effort to see visible results. It really takes time for the skin to respond to your interventions and make noticeable improvements but it should not take longer than 6 months to see whether or not your skincare products work for you. Here is a comprehensive and ideal skincare and self-care routine you can follow prior to your big day:

6 months to “I do”

Glowing skin starts from your internal to your external. This means that 6 months before your wedding day, you need to manage your stressors and make sure you can deal with them. Stress may not be the direct cause of acne but hormonal imbalances, bacteria, and other practices brought by stress can trigger acne or aggravate it. Start off by identifying factors that can get you stressed and find ways to manage them. It could be writing it down and strategizing or simply hiring a wedding coordinator who can take care of other things for you. During this time, you also might want to watch your water intake and ensure you are hydrated daily. Monitor your sleeping patterns because sleep deprivation is tagged as one of the three main acne triggers aside from stress and sweating. Halfway through the month, schedule a facial with your esthetician and let her suggest which treatment is most appropriate for you. ScrubzBody has gentle exfoliants and undereye and face creams that will soothe and nourish skin without breaking the bank. Make sure you use sunscreen daily. One of the best is a tinted moisturizer/SPF 31 combo that you’ll want to wear 365 days a year.

5 months to “I do”

By this time, you should have your perfect day and nighttime skincare products which you can try out for 30 days to make sure you love them all. Your set should include a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, or serum, and treatment if there is any prescribed by the esthetician. In two weeks, you want to look for any skin reactions and if there are none, you can continue with the products. Continue your regimen until the end of the month and prepare for another visit to your esthetician.

4 months to “I do”

Put more emphasis on sleep and hydration so that you can assist your body and skin in replenishing energy and moisture. This is on top of your skincare routine. While 4 months is still far from the big day, you may notice that your schedule is getting fuller and fuller each day. Remember to detach from the stressors and give yourself rest. You may also enroll in your neighborhood gym and cut down on sugar, carbs, and sweets. There is nothing wrong with trying to firm up before your wedding gown fitting.

3-2 months to “I do”

Revisit your esthetician and ask if there are noticeable changes in your facial skin. If you or she noticed some improvements, continue with your skincare routine and do not break your commitment. If there are certain skin issues that come up, seek her treatment opinion. Ask her to do your usual facial treatment.

1 month to “I do”

Expect that your skin is visibly smoother and tighter this time. The key to maintaining it this way is to lock in the moisture by relying on your favorite cream.  Ensure that you are sticking true to your diet and hydration efforts as well. Resist the temptation to drink alcohol and still cut on the sweets. Make use of this time to get your last facial with your esthetician. Why last you may ask, this is to avoid any form of breakouts or a swollen face. A month is enough time to let the facial skin rest and recover. Book a full body massage at any time, however! 🙂

1 week before the wedding

Indulge in a spa treatment of a full body scrub or DIY at home with your ScrubzBody scrub. Take a bath even. Relax and fully enjoy the week ahead. Make sure you have a mist spray and a tumbler of water to keep your face and body hydrated. As much as you can, try to meditate and detach yourself from stress. Enjoy your sleep and eat healthfully.

Before the day of the wedding

Let the spectators see your glow. Your efforts over the course of 6 months will surely have paid off. You can ask the photographer to put the post-editing at a down low since your skin will naturally be radiant. Enjoy the wedding and keep all the compliments in your heart.

Guest post by Arleen Atienza