Our bodies are pretty amazing, aren’t they

Think about all those moving parts and functions that keep us rockin’ and rollin’ on a daily basis. Now think of all that inner workings being held in by that living, breathing organ on the outside, your skin! It comes in many beautiful colors and textures which means it needs different help at different times, too. When it is dry an irritated, it flakes and itches. Not fun. But certain parts of the body get it the worst. Lips and fingernail beds, or cuticles. Here are some of the reasons why and what to do about it.

chapped lips

Below is a list of common causes of chapped lips:

Licking Your Lips

So your lips are feeling chapped and you lick them to moisten them. But then they feel dry again. And so on and so on. When you lick your lips you are causing this cycle which makes the chap even more. Stop this habit if you really want to kick the chapped lips thing once and for all. Our Lipz Service Lip Scrub can also help soothe the existing irritation and help moisturize and protect.


Lips don’t contain oil glands or sweat glands like your skin does, so they can become chapped very easily. Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep your entire body hydrated. This wonderful hydration will reflect on your lips by making them feel plumper and less dry.

Not Protecting Them

Weather, wind and exposure cause your lips to dry. Keep them hydrated and have a barrier against the elements. Don’t forget your lips when applying sunscreen, either. There are even lip balm products with sunblock if you want extra protection. Our Lipz™ is made with pure Shea Butter, which is a natural 5% sun protection. If your lips are chapping or you are outside often, use a higher SPF. Keeping your lips moisturized throughout the day will also help them not dry out. Different conditions in weather and activity etc. can dictate if your lips might get extra chapped that day. Use caution whenever possible and protect, protect, protect!

Breathing Through Your Mouth

Allergies and colds can cause us to breathe through our mouth, not our nose. This is another culprit of chapped lips. Again, if they are protected, they are less likely to chap. Try to stay extra hydrated and wear a breathing strip on your nose to help with the breathing.

Citric Acids and Cinnamates

Have you ever had orange juice and it hit a bad spot on your lips? Ouch. It can happen with tomato sauce as well. It’s the acid which can irritate the lips, especially if they are already chapped. Cinnamates, which are used in candy, gum and toothpaste, among other things, can also have the same effect. Avoid these when possible, or wait till your lips are in good shape!


Certain reactions to products you put on your lips or food you eat can have an effect on lips. If you are experiencing any reactions, especially to something like a new lipstick, etc., discontinue use immediately and massage simple coconut or another botanical oil to counter any residual left on lips.

Medical conditions

Autoimmune diseases may cause your lips to become sensitive to the sun and therefore, cause chapped lips, so if you have an autoimmune disease, wear a lip balm with SPF 15. Other diseases can cause lips to crack and bleed, so take precautions whenever possible.

Chapped Hands

Hands can get so dry. Keep them protected and moisturized. And exfoliate often!

Why do cuticles crack?

Cracked or bleeding cuticle beds can be caused by so many things, including cold weather, frequent hand washing, dehydration and working with your hands. Cuticles are really important and serve as a protective barrier for the body, at the nail bed, against bacteria and other irritants. Therefore, they should be treated with care to prevent cracking and bleeding.

Here is a list of tips for making cuticles beautiful:

Cutting Cuticles

Never cut cuticles.  Push back, don’t cut. It can make the cuticle hard and then they can crack. This is bad.

Rough Manicurists

Make sure all the tools are cleaned and sterilized and they are not too rough with filing and buffing and pushing back. Insist on it.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

You might be getting allergic contact dermatitis from nail polish, acetone nail polish removers, etc. if your nails get swollen after a manicure. Let it clear up with a natural cream or ointment and don’t have a manicure again till it is all clear. If your cuticles are bleeding or seem truly infected, please go see a Dr. as soon as possible.

Dry skin happens and makes us itchy and flaky, but torn cuticles and chapped lips can lead to other disease and irritations that can cause us to be truly ill. Keeping them clean, moisturized and soft will help keep those illnesses at bay. Luckily for you, we have the products that make caring for lips and hands easy!