Soap Dishes – Handcrafted Wavy Concrete, Ridged Concrete or Fused Glass



Soap dishes not only look beautiful but the ridged and raised ones do double duty by allowing your soap to dry out between use and not get all slimy and gross. Don’t you hate when bars get that way? All mushy and yucky and ready for the trash. Not so when bars get the chance to dry out. This saves you money, too, because the bar lasts longer. 

In either black, white, or gray, these funky, modern concrete soap dishes look fabulous at your sink and work really well so the bar of soap can dry out.

This modern-designed, handcrafted concrete soap dish has the perfect amount of grooves to let the water slide out and away from the soap bar.

These stunning glass soap dishes are from Funky Tulip Glass Works and we fell in love with their look and the way they will keep your soap bar in perfect condition. Available in Black and White, Turquoise and beige, and turquoise with cream stripes.


These soap dishes are a perfect companion to bubbly and wonderful Alegna soap.

The wavy concrete comes in black, white, and gray. Its modern design is both sleek-looking and super functional as it pulls water from the soap.

The concrete has a configuration of grooves that lets water drip away, keeping the soap bar drier and longer-lasting.

The fused glass is stunning and each one is unique with dots or dashes as the soap-raising drip away. Literally, every dish is one of a kind!

Suggested Use:

In the bathroom or kitchen. Put dish down. Put soap upon it. Use soap and put it back on the dish. Easy, peasy! 

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Handcrafted soap dish

Black Wavy Concrete Dish, Glass Fusion Dish – Black Pattern with black dots, Glass Fusion Dish w/ green and tan and black dots, Gray Wavy Concrete Dish, Handcrafted Concrete Dish -Gray, Handcrafted Concrete Dish-Pale Pink, White Wavy Concrete Dish


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